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A photo editor with tons of filters and effects


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Avatan is a photo editing app that offers a simple way to edit various features of the images on your Android device. This app has a clear interface that makes all its tools easy to find, no matter what filter or effect you're looking for.

On top of that, Avatan also has example photos on its home screen so you can get some ideas and inspiration for your own photos. To start editing an image, just tap on the add button on the bottom of the screen.

Avatan doesn't just have filters, also many other editing tools you can use to retouch your image's brightness, saturation, contrast, aspect ratio, and other values. Not only that, but this app has an entire section of retouching and makeup tools you can use to make your subjects look their best.

Easily retouch your photos from the comfort of your Android device with the app Avatan. Just choose an images from your gallery, or take one right from the app, and start editing. The only limit is your imagination!